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Thanks for reaching out! 

We are excited to get to work with you, but first I need to make sure our processes and pricing are in alignment with your expectations. Here is a little more information about how we work.

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Join our Waitlist for Tax Year 2022

We're at capacity for the April 2023 filing deadline, but invite you to consider our waitlist. Here's a few FAQ about our waitlist policies and procedures.


What does it mean to be on the CSA Accounting waitlist? It means that, as it stands today, we know we won't be able to begin working on your taxes for at least another 3 weeks, possibly more, which puts us too close to the filing deadline to guarantee timely filing. Because of that, we don't begin the intake process until we're closer to ready to begin working with you, so that you can wait for us, or move on to another professional should you choose to do so.

How much movement can we expect on the waitlist? What about Extensions? We do our very best to get through as much of the waitlist as we can during the regular season, but if you are on our waitlist you should assume that you will need to file an extension. If you are a returning client we can file an extension on your behalf (upon request via the Client Portal). Extended returns are processed in a First In, First Out basis starting May 1st until they are due October 15th.

So, I am on the waitlist... now what? You'll be notified via email when you are within the top 15 spots on the waitlist, and sent all our normal intake paperwork at that time. Once you have completed our contract, paid the deposit and completed all of our intake steps, you are no longer on the waitlist and are officially in queue for our tax services. Again, these are completed on a First In, First Out basis, so you should try to complete these steps as soon as possible.

Available Services: 

Our team has the ability to meet most of your professional service needs. We offer Tax Return Preparation for Individuals and Businesses, Tax Planning, Bookkeeping, Sales Tax Calculation and Reporting, Payroll Service (either self-service or managed), Notary Services and General Business Consulting. If you need more services than just tax, we're happy to discuss your needs with you and customize a package to accommodate them. 


For annual tax services, we guarantee that our Tax Team will spend at least an hour with your tax return. Meetings with our Tax Team are not required but are available either before we prepare your taxes, after the work is completed or both. 


We do not prepare your return while meeting with you, but welcome questions you have during that time. Meetings are held via Microsoft Teams or phone call, and clients submit all necessary documentation via our secure Client Portal. 

Client Portal: 

Our secure Client Portal allows for the real-time sharing of sensitive documents without the security risks associated with email. It also allows clients to send us additional documents they may receive right away, and our team gets notified whenever you upload.   We use the same portal to request further information from you, when necessary, as our team prepares your return. You can also view your documents, complete our intake forms, schedule an appointment, and pay invoices within this Client Portal


Once the return is complete you will be notified via email and a Draft of your Tax Return will be uploaded for your review to our Client Portal.

Team-Based Approach:

Our approach to assigning work is a bit different than most small accounting firms, so we like to be transparent about that from the beginning of our working relationship. 


While you may have been referred to a specific person in our firm, our policy is to assign work to the Associate within our firm who is the best fit for what you need to be completed at the time. 


For tax returns, we promise that your return will be reviewed and finalized by an IRS Enrolled Agent on our staff. We also have Sales Tax and Payroll Specialists, and Bookkeepers who may assist you with other services if you need them. You should expect that when you're working with us, you're in capable hands regardless of who on our team you work with.  


Our time is billed in 6-minute increments for any client-specific time spent by any of our Associates at the following rates:

Hourly Service Rates

Junior Associate: $85/hr

Associate: $125/hr

Senior Associate: $175/hr

Kaleigh Canavan, EA: $375/hr

Rush Services are billed at 1.5x standard rate.


There is no minimum imposed for Business or General Consulting services. Because every Tax Return is worked on for at least one hour but our team, Tax Return Preparation begins with the payment of a one-hour deposit of $250 before being billed in 6-minute increments for all work after the first hour. Further available flat-rate services are:


Notary Services: $5/Document

Document Digitization (Tax Documents Only): $75 per Tax Year

Printed Returns: $30 per Tax Return Copy

Payroll Implementation: $250


Though we can schedule a discovery call to get to know one another, we do not offer any complimentary tax or accounting consultations and you should expect to be billed for all meetings and work that you have requested from us related to your taxes and accounting.

Sound Good? 

If you'd like to continue with us please create an account so that we can send you our Client Application. Thank you for reaching out, we look forward to speaking with you! 

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