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CSA is Ready for Some Football!

With one year of Canavan Syddall & Associates in the books, our President felt the company was ready to take on Fantasy Football, so welcome to the Inaugural CSA Fantasy Football League! We may be only 6 teams deep (looking towards growth and a bigger league next year - #squadgoals!), but we are pretty excited about it!

Everyone has an amazing team, which is so great for our initial season, as five out of the six team owners have never participated in a league before and having a team chock full of great players will make following them pretty fun. Unless you are Gary Syddall, who is already grumbling about having Tom Brady on his team and having to root for him to do well! Don’t worry folks, we auto-drafted, Gary did not go out of his way to draft Brady!

We are two weeks into our league, and everyone is beginning to get the hang of it! Having our whole office involved is so great because it gives us all a fun distraction while we are in the midst of Tax Season 2.0!

As always, Go Broncos!

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