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FAQ for 2020 Tax Season!

Here we are again; another tax season is upon us! Once again, we have put a lot of work in streamlining processes and procedures for how we work with out tax clients, so here's a quick FAQ for the coming season (deadline April 15th 2020).

1. Are we taking new Tax Clients?

Yes! Absolutely! We are accepting new clients for individual and business taxes. New clients can expect to meet with me (Kaleigh Canavan) or work directly with one of our very capable team members. Gary is still working, but is not accepting new clients (though we certainly will pick his brain from time to time).

2. My business is small. Am I too small to be a client?

Never! We welcome all sized businesses as tax clients. We may also make recommendations for bookkeeping, payroll and other accounting services as we get to know the unique needs of your small business.

3. Do I have to come in for an appointment?

Nope! It's 2020, we have the technology to do everything remotely! We have a client portal where clients can drag and drop their documents securely for our team to access. You'll use the same portal to download your documents when we're finished. We also have you sign everything electronically.

You can find our portal here:

If you're a new client, you'll need an invitation from us before you can setup your portal account. Please call us at 303-284-1096 so that we can help you get started.

4. If I do come in, how long does a tax appointment take?

I like to keep it simple and get you on to the next part of your day, so most of my tax appointments are 20-30 minutes. We'll review your documents together, cover any questions you may have, and then you'll leave everything with us so that we can complete our work without you having to wait around.

5. What do I have to bring?

Everybody's taxes are different, so there's not a cookie cutter answer for this one. A great starting point would be:

  • Your ID (now required for electronic filing)

  • A full, complete copy of the last tax return you filed (for new clients only)

  • Any tax documents that you know we'll need. Common items are: W2 or 1099, Mortgage Interest Statements, Student Loan Interest Statements or proof of Health Insurance.

  • Anything that arrived at your house in an envelope stamped "Official Tax Documents Enclosed"

  • Direct Deposit information if you're expecting a refund and would like it to be direct deposited to your bank account.

It's totally normal for clients to leave the office with a little bit of homework, so don't worry about it too much. We'll certainly let you know if we're missing anything.

6. What are the deadlines/important dates?

We have our own internal deadlines that are a bit different from the IRS deadlines:

January 17th - CUTOFF: for 1099s or W2s issued by our office. We must have all required documentation at that time to ensure timely filing of these documents.

February 4th - First day of tax appointments! Whoop Whoop! (we're booking up quick, so call 303-284-1096 today to get on the calendar).

February 21st - CSA CUTOFF: for Corporate or Partnership returns. We must have all required documentation by this date in order to ensure timely filing of these returns. (We can file an extension for all others).

March 6th: Last day to request an extension for Partnerships or Corporations prepared by CSA.

March 15th - IRS Deadline for Partnerships and Corporations

March 25th - CSA CUTOFF: for Individual returns. We must have all required documentation by this date in order to ensure timely filing of these returns.

April 15th - TAX DAY!!! We'll be closing up shop at 3pm that day (because we're exhausted). Please make sure we have everything we need from you before noon.

7. What can I expect regarding turnaround time?

Our returns are processed on a first-in first-out basis, so the sooner you can get us your information, the sooner you can expect we will complete our work. We are aiming for a 2 week turnaround for the 2020 season, but the further in the season we get, the longer it can take. We'll try to give you the best estimate we can when we receive our information.

8. Who works on my return?

We have an excellent team in place, and many people participate somewhere along the process. Kaleigh, Corinne, Gary and Jen are the primary tax preparers, with all returns being finalized by either Kaleigh or Gary. Lisa and Hanna work hard on the admin side to make sure things run smoothly.

9. How much do you charge?

We charge hourly for tax work. Our current rate is $195/hour with a 1 hour minimum per return. Expedited services are billed at $300/hour. (Don't worry, we will always tell you if your requested service is subject to expedited fees). Obviously, the more organized you are, the less time it takes us. We don't round our time, so you'll only pay for time actually time spent preparing your taxes.

Still have questions? Give us a shout at 303-284-1096 and we'll do our best to answer any questions you have!

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